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Naga Basa

But on February 19, 1945, five months before the atomic bombs were dropped, an invasion took place off the Burma coast on the island of Ramree where a slaughter took place by allied troops against Japanese defenses. Operation Matador was reported by Vice-Admiral Sir Arthur J. Power, Commander-In-Chief , East Indies Station, and appeared in the London Gazzette on Friday, 23 April, 1948. The news of this event had been buried due to the ending of WII., but once discovered and researched, this news was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the most people ever killed in a single action by an animal specie called Stinky Face, an event recorded as the greatest animal disaster ever. Naga Basa is a fictional adaptation of the human condition and of the horrors that surrounded the Ramree blood bath. This story reaches into the human psyche of death and introduces us to a new Mesozoic era, the Marasic Period of an evolved creature that people of the Malays call Naga Basa. (Dragon Fish) Sex, love, death and international intrigue round out this tale of an indestructible creature.